Morris County Challenger Little League - New Jersey Sports for Children With Disabilities
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Your dollars are all tax deductable and keep our league going - Thanks!

UTI Relief Tea


  1. To sponsor a "New Banner" the cost is $200.
  2. The Banner can only hold 4 Blue lines. ( Examples below ).
  3. The cost of a New Banner to the MCCLL is $80.
  4. The $80 represents the Fair Market Value of Goods and Services provided by the MCCLL.
  5. The remaining $120 of your contribution is tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code, 501 C (3).
  6. The $120 all goes to league activities for the MCCLL players.
  7. To Re-new a Banner from the previous year the cost is $100.
  8. To sponsor a Team Banner. The cost is $275.
  9. The Banner is displayed at every Challenger League game.
We are a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) Public Charity so all your donated dollars are tax deductible.

Please send donations to:


c/o Ruben Fuentes
140 Mayhill Street, Apt # 234
Saddlebrook, NJ 07663

Make the check out to: MCCLL

A receipt for tax purposes will be sent for all donations. 
Be sure to include your mailing address so the receipt can be mailed back to you.
Thank you!