Morris County Challenger Little League - New Jersey Sports for Children With Disabilities
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Baseball2023 isOur 25thYear!

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Date & Time Location Teams
April 16 SUN- 2PM MADISON L.L. TB Mets vs Athletics
April 16 SUN- 2PM 68 Rosedale Ave Pirates vs Red Sox
April 16 SUN- 4PM Madison, NJ 07940 Mets vs Buddies
April 16 SUN- 4PM Madison L.L. Yankees vs Buddies
April 23 SUN- 2PM Rockaway Boro L.L. Athletics vs Pirates
April 23 SUN- 2PM TODAY'S GAMES Red Sox vs TB-Mets
April 23 SUN- 4PM ARE  Mets vs Buddies
April 23 SUN- 4PM CANCELED Yankees vs Buddies
April 30 SUN- 2PM Rockaway Boro LL TB Mets vs Pirates
April 30 SUN- 2PM THE GAMES Athletics vs Red Sox
April 30 SUN- 4PM HAVE BEEN Mets vs Buddies
April 30 SUN- 4PM CANCELED Yankees vs Buddies
May 07 SUN- 2PM PT-WEST L.L. Pirates vs Athletics
May 07 SUN- 2PM 89 Elmwood Drive TB Mets vs Red Sox
May 07 SUN- 4PM Parsippany-Troy Hills Mets vs Buddies
May 22 SUN- 4PM NJ 07054 Yankees vs Buddies
May 21 SUN - 2PM TRI-TOWN L.L. Red Sox vs Pirates
May 21 SUN - 2PM 100 Fanny Road Athletics vs TB Mets
May 21 SUN - 4PM Mt. Lakes, NJ 07046 Mets vs Buddies
May 21 SUN - 4PM Next to the YMCA Yankees vs Buddies
Jun 04 SUN - 2PM PT-EAST L.L. TB Mets vs Red Sox
Jun 04 SUN - 2PM Eileen Court Athletics vs Pirates

Jun 04 SUN - 4PM

Parsippany, NJ 07054 Mets vs Buddies
Jun 04 SUN - 4PM Drive up to Parking Lot Yankees vs Buddies
Jun 11 SUN - 2PM MO-TOWN AMER L.L. Red Sox vs Athletics
Jun 11 SUN - 2PM Ginty Field Pirates vs TB Mets
Jun 11 SUN - 4PM 50 Woodland Ave Mets vs Buddies
Jun 11 SUN - 4PM Morristown, NJ 07960 Yankees vs Buddies
Jun 25 SUN - 2PM RANDOLPH L.L. Athletics vs TB Mets
Jun 25 SUN - 2PM TODAY'S GAMES Red Sox vs Pirates
Jun 25 SUN - 4PM ARE CANCELED Mets vs Buddies
Jun 25 SUN - 4PM   Yankees vs Buddies
Jun SAT - 2PM VACATION Red Sox vs Athletics
Jun SAT - 2PM


Pirates vs TB Mets
Jun SAT - 4PM ENJOY Mets vs Buddies
Jun SAT - 4PM   Yankees vs Buddies